Friday, February 28, 2020

Research Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 1

Research Report - Essay Example It is conceived as a medium of developing resistance towards insulin, which might increase the chances related to developing diabetes (Lee, 2014). The objectives of the proposed research will be as follows: In the present day perspective, it has been recognized that people are more attracted towards fast food as it is a convenient and economical way of quenching hunger. In this respect, the present generation of adolescents is recognized to be the ones to be positively attracted to fast food. The modern day individuals consume fast food in an immense manner due to various factors which include convenience, inexpensive and delicious. Additionally, consumption of fast food has become a popular trend amid a major percentage of individuals (Paeratakul et al., 2003). Fast food is conceived as a package of food consisting of high calorie and low-level nutrients. Correspondingly, fast or junk food is accountable for several health risks, which include coronary heart disease and diabetes among others (UMN, 2012). Subsequently, the proposed research study will be conducted with the objective of identifying the procedures based on which the chances of diabetes increase from sustained intake of f ast food. This particular proposed research study will be conducted to ascertain the health risks associated with the consumption of fast food. Moreover, the proposed study will also assist in determining the importance and procedure for causing diabetes amid the present generation population. In this regard, examination concerning health risks of diabetes associated with consumption of fast food will assist nurses in possessing adequate knowledge about the causes accountable for diabetes. The key search terms for this proposed study include fast food, health hazards and diabetes. Additionally, the proposed study will aid in determining the association that exist amid these search terms. The modern day individuals especially adolescents along with young

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